In This section we will cover various tutorials about hardware and software

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How to build a PC

This video playlist shows how to build a PC.

Video Source: Richard, Gary & Dan's Unit 2 PC Build

How to setup a router

Have you got yourself a new router? are there barely any instructions on how to set it up so you can get your network working at home?

While there are many, many different routers they all operate in a fairly similar manner, this tutorial will give you a detailed description along with a video that will show you which cables connect to where and how to get started on setting up your home network, while certain aspect of the installation process will be vary depending on your model, such as inputting passwords and how many lines can be connected the process will remain the same.

Please see the following video which will explain in detail how to connect a router.

Video Source: ExpertVillage YouTube Channel

How to install RAM

do you want your computer to run a bit more smoothly? can you only run one program at a time without your computer deciding to run in slow motion?

By upgrading the ram in your computer you will be able to increase the speed and productivity of your machine, to do this you will need to open up the desktop unit or the base of your device if you need help in gaining access to the interior of your machine search for the model number, there always videos detailing the correct way to open up desktop units and laptops.

Please see the following video which will explain in detail how to install ram.

Video Source: Jetskier1616 YouTube Channel


How to install and set up your antivirus

Your computer needs to be protected online and so you will need to install an antivirus application onto your computer this will make using the internet much safer. this tutorial is designed to show you how to install antivirus software, to make this simple we have chosen the AVG free antivirus software.

Please follow the instructions on the video.

Video Source: Official AVG YoutTube Channel

How to change personal desktop settings

Whether you want to change the appearance of your desktop, or make any changes to other desktop settings you will need to know how to access the window you need and know what the options you will be faced with are. please follow the video below for help with desktop settings.

Video Source: PCDesktops YouTube Channel