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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we get asked

Q1: My computer won't turn on, what could be wrong?

The Power Switch at teh back must be turned on There could be many reasons why your computer won't turn on. The most common of which is that the the computer and/or the monitor aren't plugged in or turned on. First look at the back of the computer, you will see something like this, similar to the image on the right.

As you can see there is a power cable connector and a power switch. to ensure that this is not the problem; plug in the power cable and make sure that the power switch is turned on (line furthest away from you is in the on position.) Then you must make sure it it turned on at the wall/plug.

Now you need to make sure the monitor is also plugged in at the plug/wall. Once you have plugged it in and turned it on, you must now locate the VGA cable. The VGA cable generally is blue, and has two screws that keep the cable in place.

You must make sure that one end is plugged into and screwed in on the monitor and the bottom most socket on the back of the computer. Once you have done this, turn the monitor and the computer on. This should turn the computer on, and should be displayed on the monitor.

Q2: I can't log onto the network. what is wrong?

The Ethernet cable must be plugged into the computer If you can't log on there may be one of two things wrong.

Solution 1:

The computer's ethernet cable is not plugged into either the computer or the wall.An ethernet cable looks like this:

To fix this problem you need to locate the ethernet cable and to find out which ends lead where. If the cable leads to the wall and the computer then go to solution 2. If the ethernet is not plugged into either then you will need to find where it plugs into in the wall and the computer, then plug it in. Now, try to log onto the network again. If you still can't log onto the network then go to solution 2.

Solution 2:

If you find that both of the ends are connected to your computer and the wall then go to our 'contact us' or 'Services' page for information on how we can help you.

Q3: Why does my computer get a blue screen and restart

There is many reasons why the computer may get a blue screen and restart. And there is 2 different procedures that you can take:

Procedure 1:

Restart the computer. If you find the computer is still blue screening go to procedure 2.

Procedure 2:

Use our form on the Services page to get a personal responce from the staff of DuckIT.

Q4: Is there any way I can contact you if you are closed or not there?

Yes, if you go to our 'Services' page there will be a form there for you to fill out and we will receive the email and will respond as soon as possible.

Q5: How do I log off if someone has locked the computer?

If you find you are going to use a locked computer that is not locked by you, you will have to go through some steps before you log them off. Firstly if the person is in the room you will have to consult them if you want to use the computer. If they are not in the room, seek out a lecturer to find out what to do with the locked computer. If everything is OK then in order to log them off you will have to hold the power button until the computer turns off. We are not responsible for any loss of work due to you turning off a computer whilst someone is logged on.

Other Questions?

Can't find what you are looking for? Answers wrong or didn't work? Got to our 'Contact Us' page to ask any additional questions, or to enquire about one of our ready-existing FAQs.