Gary Simmons

Junior Web/Software Developer

Hi, I'm Gary, also known as SankeX online, I am a junior developer based in the south of the United Kingdom. Below are some of the things I do.



I have a very strong understanding of HTML/CSS coming from 5 Years of experience coding in it.

JavaScript Knowledge


I have a good understanding of JavaScript, especially utilising the jQuery API to make website projects more interactive.



I can code in PHP & SQL (MySQL Specifically), to create web aplications that utilise SQL Databases.

GitHub Logo


Some of the source code of my projects are hosted on GitHub

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I do livestreams of gaming content on

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I occasionly make YouTube video content, usually of video games I am playing recently.

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My Previous Work

Harrington Autos (Website)

Website for a specialist toyota garage in Farlington, Hampshire. Designed, Developed and Maintained the Website.

Technologies Used:

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Wordpress
Harrington Autos Website

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DuckIT (Website)

Made for my Website Production unit at college, I designed, developed and hosted the website according to a set specification.

Technologies Used

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • jQuery
  • PHP

F1 2017 Season (Website)

Collection of pages detailing information about the Formula 1 2017 Season, updated as the Formula One season continued.

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • JSON
  • PHP
Formula 1 2015 Season